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"When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible."

Every person has, at least one time in their life, thought of their dream destination wedding. The place, the view, the people attending, the ceremony, even their suits and dresses. All these and many more details, big or small, are the things that make a wedding ceremony memorable and one of the most happy days of our lives.

We are committed to our cause and that's to make your dreams a reality. Whether you like simplicity and intimacy or you plan to throw the hugest party till the early hours of the next day, we are here to make that happen.

Below you will see some of our wonderful works. Stunning beaches with clear blue waters, extraordinary spots with panoramic view of our island and traditional alleys with the cycladic beauty.

photo 11-11-21, 19 32 59 (9).jpg
salt in the air, salt in my soul

Rosie, a bride with exotic beauty from Indonesia and Italy,and Daniel, a handsome swedish man are the perfect example for love at first sight.

The moment they arrived to Antiparos for their vacation, they instantly realized this was their dream destination for their wedding ceremony.

A bohemian ceremony on the sand with the relaxing sound of the waves, only a breath away from the sea.

Boho glam styled details, moving speeches and a violinist playing their favorite songs live made a dreamy and unforgettable experience, followed by greek and international cuisine and a big party at Soros beach bar-restaurant.

antiparos wedding-377-2.jpg

Sarah and Pierre arrived from France with their two beautiful sons. Their plans about their wedding day were characterized by elegance and minimalism, so we made it that way. The ceremony took place at a luxurious villa with a private chapel. Everybody enjoyed themselves both at the prewedding party at the sunset and the huge wedding party with unlimited sea view.

“Entre deux cœurs qui s’aiment, nul besoin de paroles.”

Beauty of cyclades

Do you want a traditional planning full of the culture of Antiparos island?

Margarita and Yannis, as locals, chose their wedding day to embrace the cycladic beauty and uniqueness. They had an exquisite wedding ceremony as orthodox in the picturesque and famous Castle of Antiparos.


Besides their calm and simple characters, party mode was up with the amazing song by ACDC "Thunderstrack", so everyone let themselves free to enjoy it to the fullest. The party was at Fanari beach-restaurant,where folklore traditional music from Cyclades was also incorporated in the music mix.

"Simplicity is the essence of happiness!"


high res ANTIPAROS wed-586-2.jpg
An Uninhabited island's secret

Well, Eric, Sophie and all their friends are for sure the definition of partyers. Don't get confused by their professional development as well-known entrepreneurs, they enjoy every moment and always choose to have fun in everything they do.


They began with a classy and wonderful ceremony on an uninhabited island with an amazing scenery of the couple and guests arriving with boats. They enjoyed the pure melody of live music until the time for the wedding party came.

Add some famous DJs, a private owned villa next to Tom Hanks house and the spontaneity of theirs, you get a wild party until 10 am the next day!


In one drop of water are found all the secrets of love..

Life in our own fairytale

Dreams do come true and we are glad Natasha and Jean Francois 's dream was a wedding on Antiparos island.

One glimpse and you can see the deep love for each other in their eyes. Jean Francois, a modern prince, learned the guitar just to play her favorite song. Natasha was just a pleasure for your eyes in that stunning dress.


The famous cave of Antiparos was, for sure, a dream destination for their wedding ceremony, followed by a crazy pool party at Kastro Hotel.

You should see the panoramic view from their ceremony spot, just breathtaking!

photo 27-6-21, 19 45 04.jpg
if you'll be my boat, i'll be your sea

Margus & Reet are simple yet so unique with a taste of tradition in their lives. They know the only thing it takes for a happy marriage and a life full of love is having and supporting each other, and if you see them you will understand the power of their bond.

They chose one of the most idyllic places in Antiparos for their ceremony, a small graphic chapel in St. George by the sea. The bride arrived with a traditional greek boat,their friends surprised them as guests and after their wonderful ceremony they all went for a boat trip by the majestic colours of the sunset.

Their wedding day had a happy ending with them enjoying the greek cuisine and the beautiful view of the night lights of Antiparos Town at a tavern near the sea. A guitar and a bouzouki playing greek songs was the icing on the cake for their ideal wedding day.

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